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About Cord Blood

Cord blood is the blood that remains in the placenta and umbilical cord after your baby is born. It contains adult stem cells. The procedure is safe and painless for you and your baby. It does not interfere with the birthing process. And, if there is any concern about the safety of mother or baby, collection is not made. Your donation is important because cord blood is needed for many research projects.

The St. Louis Cord Blood Bank

The St. Louis Cord Blood Bank is a public donor program that, in cooperation with other cord blood banks, serves as a worldwide resource for children and adults in need of a stem cell transplant. We are currently focused on providing cord blood to researchers to further the development of novel therapies for patients in the future.

A major feature of this program is the active involvement of doctors, midwives and the delivery staff at participating hospitals. These professionals play an important role in the donation process. Their voluntary support and cooperation are key to the success of this program because their involvement increases the willingness of expectant parents to participate. With their assistance, we hope to increase the percentage of all participating families as well as increase the diversity of donors from which cord blood is collected.

Umbilical cord blood is currently being used to treat malignant bone marrow diseases like leukemia and lymphoma, as well as congenital disorders like Fanconi’s anemia, Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome and severe combined immune deficiency.

Patients with non-malignant diseases such as severe aplastic anemia, thalassemia and sickle cell anemia are also benefiting from therapies using cord blood. The St. Louis Cord Blood Bank has distributed over 2,950 units for use in transplantation to treat over 80 different diseases.

Thanks to the nearly 180,000 families who have donated cord blood, there are over 28,000 cord blood units available for use in transplants.

We are hopeful the continued contribution of cord blood for research purposes will help develop novel therapies for patients in the future.

Our Mission

Advancing cures through the development of effective cellular therapy products and innovative applications.

Our Vision

The St. Louis Cord Blood Bank will be a recognized center of excellence– focused on the development of effective cures through advancing the science of characterization, manufacturing, and translational research practices in preparation for transplantation and regenerative medicine therapies.

Public and Private Cord Blood Banks

When a donation is made to a public cord blood bank, such as the St. Louis Cord Blood Bank, the cord blood is donated with the hope it can help someone else in need. Therefore, the cord blood donation is not stored for your child or another family member.

Private cord blood banks are available for parents who wish to store their child’s cord blood for solely personal use. The cost for private storage averages about two thousand dollars, plus a yearly storage fee. The blood is stored for family use, and no one can access the blood except the parent or child at the age of consent. If you want the blood to be kept specifically for your child or another family member, the process must be coordinated with a private cord blood bank well in advance of your delivery.