Book Chapters

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  • Salem Akel; Cell Banking; Process Development and Cell Preservation.  Translation Regenerative Medicine, Anthony Atala and Julie Allickson (ED). Dec 2014. Chapter 3; P21-37.  ISBN: 978-0-12-410396-2
  • Cord Blood Banking Processes, Standards, and Regulations, Cord Blood: Biology, Transplantation, Banking, and Regulation, Hal E. Broxmeyer, Editor.  AABB Press, October 2011
  • Cellular Therapy Product Shipping and Methods for Thawing Cryopreserved Cellular Therapy Products. Cellular Therapy: Principles, Methods and Regulations, Ellen Areman and Kathy Loper, Editors.  AABB Press, 2009
  • Umbilical Cord Blood Chapters; Cellular Therapy: A Physician’s Handbook, First Edition, Edward Snyder & Rebecca Haley, Editors.  AABB, December 2004.

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