Donation Process

There are a few simple things that you need to do in order to donate cord blood. These include a medical history questionnaire, a consent form, and possibly a follow up phone call. If you're considering donating your baby’s umbilical cord blood, call the St. Louis Cord Blood Bank at 314-268-2787 or 888-453-2673 to register, or download the required forms here. This can be done anytime before you deliver.

Medical History Questionnaire

You must complete the medical health questionnaire regarding your pregnancy and the medical history of your family, preferably before your deliver. This form asks for information about your health, your pregnancy, and the medical history of your family. These questions are similar to the questions asked of volunteer blood donors, and some are of a personal nature. This information will be kept strictly confidential. Get a medical history questionnaire prior to delivery.

If you go to the hospital to deliver your baby before you are able to complete the form, inform the hospital staff that you would like to donate your baby's cord blood and they will provide a form to be completed at that time.

Consent Form

You must give us your written permission to collect your cord blood. This consent form permits your doctor to perform the cord blood collection and allow the blood to be used for research. The consent form will be signed at the hospital when you deliver your baby. If you pre-registered with us, a copy will be sent to your home for you to review before you deliver. See the consent form here.

Follow-Up Phone Call

A nurse from the St. Louis Cord Blood Bank may contact you after your delivery to check on the health of you and your baby. This call is to obtain and update medical information only. At no time will you or your child be asked for additional blood samples.

Your Privacy Protected

All information collected will be kept confidential. Your name, your baby’s name or other identifying information will not be disclosed to anyone outside the cord blood bank.

Quick Things to Remember About Donating Cord Blood

  • You should register before you deliver.
  • This is a donor program only; we do not privately store cord blood for families.
  • There are no costs involved in participating.
  • This is for single births only (NO TWINS, TRIPLETS, ETC.).
  • There is no risk to you or your baby. If the delivery becomes complicated, your physician or midwife will not collect the cord blood.